Websites Australia

We create websites for all types of business across Australia. Websites in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are our main focus with our strategy of meeting face to face with each website client we have.

We design and build websites using open source platforms such as WordPress, Woo Commerce and Magento.

Small , Big and Ecommerce

Website designs are varied with our smaller clients solutions being the use of excellent wordpress templates that we can accommodate with your logo, and colours and your content. This is a very effective low cost website solution for many small businesses who need a great looking website for under $2500.

Website designs for larger clients can also use existing templates however mostly we provide custom designs for these sites. Custom website designs will double the cost of your website from a template build with the extra work in the graphic design process and then the extra coding work needed to get your website design into the website code.

E-Commerce websites are created with WooCommerce and the Magento platforms. We can decide on the best solution for your website once we have your brief and then the right decisions can be made on what’s going to be best for your business moving forward.

Websites Your First Touchpoint

As you know websites are most often the first critical step your potential customer will take in meeting your brand. Your marketing funnel and your sales funnel rely on your website grabbing the attention of your cold prospect in the first instance and engaging your prospect.

Your websites critical elements must be completed effectively to give you a fighting chance of moving your prospect through your website so that your sales and marketing funnel goals are achieved. That is to say you get the conversion goal you are seeking with your websites visitor.

How We Work

At Hornet Marketing we believe your website is not a stand alone tool. It should form a part of your overall marketing plan including your sales funnel objectives. Hence, the website should form part of the bigger picture and dealing with us will ensure that your website is delivered on time, on budget and for the right reasons.

We will work with you to understand your website brief, scope the project correctly, work on the communications strategy, the content strategy , the sales and marketing strategies for reaching your conversion goals.

And most importantly work with you post the publication of the website to make refinements to your website once the behaviour of your website visitors is understood.

This Analytics process is critical in getting your website right for the long term success of you reaching your conversion goals for the website and hence providing an effective tool in your marketing and sales funnels objectives.

  • Communications strategy
  • Design
  • Build
  • Hosting


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