B2B Sales Consultants


  • Prospect database development
  • Targeted prospect campaigns
  • Pre-sales effort
  • Prospect qualification
  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualifying
  • Desktop call campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Landing page campaigns
  • Account relationship development
  • Prospect nurturing
  • Conversion handover to you
  • Transparent reporting 


  • Social Media campaigns
  • Google Ad campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Campaign Ad development
  • Campaign Idea development
  • Website campaigns

B2B Sales Consultants Sydney


  • Low Risk High Quality
  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Developing Long Term Relationships
  • ROI with Effective Solutions


  • Low Risk High Quality Services
  • Reach the Right Prospects
  • Develop the Right Sales Strategies
  • Making Your Sales Funnel Effective

Hornet Marketing Sales Consulting services for B2B clients in Sydney provides you with low risk, high quality inputs into your Sales funnels.

We can assist you to reach the right prospects for your business. As we know today sales is not about the quick close, sales today is about the long term relationship. The investment into understanding your prospects pain points and finding cost effective solutions. And therefore, building trust and a solid relationships is the goal. Moreover, this is the best path to high ROI on your sales and marketing investments.

B2B marketing is never an easy Job as it is can be difficult to acquire new customers in competitive markets. The key lies in finding, acquiring and maintaining customer relationships. And that is where we can assist. From guiding you about executing lead generation programs to helping in customer retention campaigns we can work with you to reach your objectives.

Let’s go through some of the major aspects of Sales Consulting we will focus on.

The key in B2B marketing lies in having the right connections. We can provide expertise in your networking endeavors with our experienced and connections to build customers.

Lead generation Sydney is one our core focus areas. Whether you just needs some guidance or an integrated sales funnel program using both online search tactics and traditional sales and marketing we can assist you to achieve your revenue goals.

In addition to new leads generation we can assist with customer retention strategies utilsing active and inactive database messaging.