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Welcome to our articles landing page.

We are in the process of writing blogs and articles to add value to your information search in this endless topic of SEO.

Writing articles is not easy and most of us actually don’t have the time, the energy or the inclination to write a bunch of stuff that very people will actually see or read. Let alone the need to write to satisfy the search engines.

However, great content is still king today!

Great content that gives your website visitor a fantastic experience and a great insight into your skill sets. In other words your articles and/or blogs are a great advertisement for your business.

You probably have a great idea for a topic. You probably have excellent content and your website visitors will no doubt get great value from your article however what do you do if your actually suck at the copywriting skills. Sucking at writing is ok, most people are just like you. Not good at writing.

Writing isn’t easy. Producing long form research deep articles with loads of meaty content is hard work. Yet it is important. Always remember content is very important for your website.

We call this content marketing – Written communications on your website; all the articles, blogs the keywords used and so on.

What content marketing tactics do you use for your business?

From posts on social media platforms to mainstream on TV to email to many other formats your brand messaging need to cut though, be read, stand out, have your article sent around.

So whether you want to write long articles or blogs start with simple themes and write consistently.

Blogs are a great way to start.

Bloggers fall into three categories.

  1. Some people think that they are terrible are writing yet they actually aren’t that bad at all. These types of bloggers basically have an inferiority complex.
  2. Then there are those that truly believe that they are amazing writers. They are full of confidence yet their writing is not all that good.
  3. And of course there is the group that fall into the middle. Essentially, they know they are ok at writing but there is room for improvement. Most of us fall into this category.

So how do you go about getting a blog or article sorted out.

Let’s break it down into some easy steps.

  • Figure out what your readers think is amazing.
  • Your readers opinions is what counts.
  • What do they think is amazing content.
  • Get some information on the search terms and volumes on Google – Hornet Marketing can provide this for you.
  • Use a data analytics tool like Google Analytics – Hornet Marketing SEO packages provide this service.