BAB Aluminium

Settings Seats Stands

Leading Australian Aluminium Seating Specialist Manufacturer


Increased sales and brand awareness over 400% over 15 years & growing


BAB aluminium was a steady as you go manufacturer without and formal sales and marketing as a sole operator with strong competition and growing opportunities. The business needed to increase their brand awareness and sales reach to ensure long run success.

Strategic Insight

BAB was not going down any sales and marketing roadmap. We saw and understood the owner was innovative and open to the right sales and marketing partnership.

By starting to understand the goals and objectives of the owner and the comparative advantages of the business to its competitors and the benefits to its customers we started to develop a marketing roadmap .


  • Helped increase sales year on year for 18 years
  • Helped increase brand awareness to primary and secondary markets
  • Driving new product initiatives in the marketing plan
  • Developed a marketing budget for ongoing ROI
  • Assisted production capacity increase of 300% through revenue expansion
  • Ongoing help across business planning, branding, sales channels and establishing partnerships

Scope of work:


  • Audit
  • Discovery
  • Advisory


  • marketing audit
  • sales audit
  • roadmap
  • Strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Budget
  • Digital Assets
  • SEO & SEM
  • Mgt & Review Process


  • Owner Role
  • Partner Role
  • Team Role

Brian Blowes

Morel and his team have been working with BAB for over 15 years.

They continue to work with the same dedication and passion as year 1 in driving our sales and marketing.

Our year-on-year growth along with great sales results from new product campaigns ensures our ongoing successful relationship.

Designing and building our new websites, our crm campaigns, our targeted sales, lead generation, our demand generation online campaigns and our retention strategy is all proof of the skills and dedication to our brand growth and revenue goals.