SEO for Small to Medium Business

SEO or search engine optimisation is a task that involves optimising your web page such that the search engines rank your website page higher than your competitors on search engine results pages. And of course the goal is to attain a page 1 ranking on the Google Search Engine. By achieving a page 1 online presence you will increase your business online.

We work on 3 criteria when working on search engine optimization seo programs for small business clients.

  1. Your website content is relevant to the search terms relating to the demand of your product or service through correct meta data, meta tags and content.
  2. Your website has quality traffic around your search terms as well as link building tactics.
  3. Your website is relevant to your prospects needs.

In addition today the power of social media has increased to the extent that links to your site from reputable social media pages – backlinks and viral recommendations of your site through social media is increasing important as a source of ranking food for the Google Search Algorithms.

We work on many tasks on your SEO and we use a combination of many years experience, an updated knowledge base and a powerful SEO software tool to guide our progress on your SEO.

The relationship between social media and seo is far from simple.

Inbound marketing is in currently moving through an evolution of sorts with the new chemistry. The traditional search marketing for traffic and leads is still as relevant today as it has always been, however the mix of SEM with the other online SEO tools is different.

Search Marketing (Google AdWords / SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO) are all powerful strategies in their own right however we believe that a blended program of SEM, SMO within an overall SEO strategy is the right way forward.

High search rankings are the ultimate goal of any SEO program and the understanding of a good SEM campaign is important. And plays a significant role in providing great feedback on your prospects demands and your ability to satisfy that demand with your website.

SEO strategy relates to making your website and its content more searchable so that your website is as relevant as it can be.

Page content is an important part of SEO and we provide the necessary keyword research to create great page content to aid in organic search results.

This is all about having the right content to ensure your website page delivers the best user experience and at the same time ensuring the search engine algorithms are also engaged in the content of your website pages.

From keyword research to meta descriptions, user experience and social media inputs our seo efforts are designed to get your website organic search rankings.

Social media management means creating posts and optimizing your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Search both search marketing and search optimisation is a huge source of customers, and now social media is gradually increasing in importance as a marketing platform. Search and Social are not competitive as in some online battleground.

Both Search and Social media work side by side today to facilitate better outcomes for your customers and hence your website optimisation ranking outcomes.

Social media management and SEO are complementary. Social media lets people discover new information on their topics of search that they or their friends might be interested in. SEO allows your site to gain traffic from people who are searching questions or phrases related to your business.

Search and Social both provide solutions to information discovery.

The world knows that to find information its as simple as a Google Search to find an answer to a question. We also all use social media to discover answers to questions we are seeking.

The difference between search engines and social media platforms is blurring. For example, Linked in and or Facebook search is one of the Google network’s core features.

Social Sharing Buttons

It may seem obvious, but search engines want the links from your site to the social media platforms.

As a part of your online marketing, it is critically important to have social media sharing buttons on your blog and website to encourage visitors to share content in social media. These buttons will not only help to increase traffic from social media but will also play an important role today and in the future for ranking positions in search engines.

Keyword Strategy

The line between search engines and social media platforms has merged. Use your keyword strategy for your website and apply it to your social media engagement. Don’t cram tweets full of keywords. Instead, be aware of how you are wording social media messages. By incorporating keywords into social media content, you can increase the reach of your messages.

The web is now a social communications channel. Similar to sales, relationships are huge for driving inbound links and social media attention. Building relationships using social media can open opportunities for new client relationships.


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