Sales Funnels

It all starts with your business goals.

Business Goals

We need to understand the reasons you need assistance on your sales funnel. What’s the goal? And what’s the problem? It’s going to either be a simple conversation centred around a need for more sales or it’s going to be a lot more complex; eg I have a small sales team and that team is not reaching targets and I’m not sure I know the best way to fix the issue.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are about lead generation, nurturing the leads to a point of closing and winning the business. We need to build the road map that has the highest probability of attaining your business revenue goals.

The Sales funnel is made up of a number of layers that requires specific tasks to be executed at each layer in order to move your prospect through the funnel until the sales is closed.

Reaching Your Target Market

Understanding your current position, your target markets, your customers, your products, your services, your competitors and more. We’ll set about defining and executing your sales strategy for revenue success by consistently working on


This requires us to work together on getting your sales funnel buzzing along day and night for your lead generation.

The Funnels

Top of the Funnel

This is the activity that creates your initial contact with prospects. Whether it’s a sales activity or a marketing activity you have to develop your tactics and the set of actions that develop initial contacts with prospects.

In addition at the top of the funnel is the qualification of the prospect and then the development of a solution to a problem. You won’t have a prospect unless they have a problem and are seeking a provider to deliver a cost effective solution.

Prospects need to be moved into your sales pipeline to understand whether they are cold, warm or hot. Even cold prospects are potential new customers at some future point in time and you should have a strategy in place to nurture even cold prospects.

Middle of the Funnel

Once a prospect has been qualified and identified as a genuine warm or hot prospect in your sales pipeline then your mid funnel activity kicks in. These prospects need to be pitched on the solution you are offering.

In some industry segments the mid funnel time frame can be very quick with the pitch and evaluation process occurring at the same time in a very short time frame from the top of the funnel. Whilst in other industry segments the mid funnel can be a long process. Typically, the larger the organisation, the larger the problem, the larger the investment the longer the funnel cycle.

Bottom of the Funnel

Once the top of the funnel and the mid funnel process has been completed then the negotiation and closing process will occur. In some cases you will be competing in open tender against many competitors whilst in other cases you will be the sole candidate to win the business.

Your success on closing and winning the new piece of business will depend on your consistency throughout the funnel process and your ability to meet the needs of your prospect.

Your prospect needs a specific problem fixed at a time frame that suits them and at price-point that works for them. There will always be items to work through to reach closing however if your value proposition is strong and your approach has been consistent throughout the funnel then you will have a very high probability of winning.


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