Smart Hosting

Your website hosting is an important tool and component for your online presence. Your site needs to be as secure as it can be albeit even the most secure servers can be hacked, and your site needs to be read successfully by the search engines.

In addition to the mandatory hosting services we provide a range of tools under our smart hosting banner to allow you to drive lead generation programs. You need smart information and a smart marketing partner to work with you to understand your website data and then develop the correct strategies and tactics to deliver new leads to your website.

Whether it’s a very local marketing strategy with your business being a local provider to statewide, national and international sales we can assist lead generation commencing with our smart hosting packages to provide the diagnostics platform for smart marketing decision making.

smart hosting


If you’re a small business who needs to reach the local area within a small marketing range of 2-3 kms your business will be much stronger if you are quickly found on the front page of Google specifically utilising the Google local marketing products.

We set these up correctly and provide you with website traffic information and more importantly the analysis. And ideas for improving your online effectiveness to win your local market share.


If you are selling products or providing services nationally then appearing on the first page of Google Search results will be a valuable lead generation tool. You will be facing many competitors working on getting on page 1 and more importantly working on staying there.

You need a set of tools to work on your page 1 listing and a partner that has the tools and skills to guide you and work with you on the web diagnostics and analysis to reach and maintain your page 1 objectives.


Being found on Google search engines using worldwide search by prospects across the globe could be a key component to your business expansion plans and or compete with other suppliers worldwide. We are able to work with you to target your overseas territories for page 1 appearances.