Search Engine Optimisation


Adwords advertising allows immediate page 1 visibility for your website. Your ads remain on Google browser pages until your daily budget is exhausted.


We deliver in depth analysis of your visitors to ensure you’re maximising your sales funnel through your website.


Using Google Website Optimizer we can perform a range of live website testing to seek higher conversion rates from your website.

Our SEO service


Hornet Search Engine Optimisation programs are medium to long term strategies to meet the Google criteria of page 1 importance. With the continued popularity of Google in Australia and worldwide the competition for browser page appearances is continuing to increase.

Hence, if you’re seeking new prospects to your business and you want your website found 24/7 by Australians and prospects across the Globe cost effectively you’ll need to work on a Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) program.

SEO means improving your websites content, coding and relevance to ensure you’re meeting the two objectives required for your website.

Firstly, you want to make sure the communications objectives of your website engage your visitors such that your visitors move through your site the way you want them to.

Secondly, you want to make sure that Google and all search engines are reading your site accurately and hence that your website is meeting Google’s criteria in particular.

SEO is hard work with no guarantees for success. However, if you do not invest into SEO then your chances of getting onto page 1 are limited. Hornet SEO programs get our clients keywords onto page 1.