Sales and Marketing Agency

We provide a range of structures that allow us to assist you with developing your sales pipeline. As a professional services firm providing marketing services from the strategic to the tactical we also provide excellent execution services for direct sales.

We work on customised projects where our clients require new lead generation for products and services where there is a lack of a sales team to execute the sales pipeline building.

sales agency

We have various structures available

Customer Relationship Management

We run successful CRM programs for clients whereby we are retained to execute a sales and marketing project through working on database marketing. We execute a number of marketing tasks to build effective leads for our clients.


Where required we provide custom telemarketing for clients to make contact with prospects over the phone and work through the sales process over the phone.

Sales Pipeline

We are able to provide sales pipeline assistance working with your quotations and ensuring your prospects are followed up and sales are won not missed or lost through poor sales management.

New Business Development

We are keen to explore opportunities for sales agency opportunities whereby we can work on a mutual basis earning revenues for you and for us on a sales commission structure.