Marketing Consulting

Small Business Marketing consulting needs to be cost effective and needs to be real. As a fellow small business we understand that there are no excess resources, staff and budgets. The plan needs to be simple yet comprehensive and needs to be tailored to be actionable by a small business team.

Along with my small team I will help move your company to reach objectives for your products and services revenues through effective marketing strategies and tactics.

We will provide a clear set of marketing strategies, marketing and sales tactics, effective marketing messages that will attract more customers, tap new markets, and grow your business. Executing the plan in house.

marketing consulting

Marketing Plan Audit

Our goal is to provide ways to increase sales and allocate your limited marketing dollars to the most profitable marketing channels. We can accomplish that goal by developing a marketing platform with a doable set of sale and marketing actions. And of course evaluating your existing marketing plan with a total open approach.

Without large financial risk our team will assess your marketing position for your product and or services, evaluate the current marketing environment, and provide detailed, specific actions and ideas across your marketing channels.

In addition an outside perspective on your marketing strategy and plans will help you identify opportunities in and across the marketing mix.

We are providing a marketing plug – on to your business to forge a long term relationship allowing you to produce the very best products, provide the very best of service whilst we work on developing your products and services awareness in the marketplace.

2 Hour Onsite Meeting

We will come to your office or you come to ours prepared with detailed questions and consult with you and your team and/or marketing staff.

During the meeting we will gather all aspects of your product or service, your objectives and any planned program you have in place and then follow up with needed research.

Detailed Report

We will write up a report with strategies and opportunities for initial consideration and evaluation. Following will be the implementation and execution of the plan to begin growth that will assist you to reach desired target audiences and convert them to customers.

Presentation of Recommendations

We will come to your place of business and present findings and recommendations to you.

As needed our marketing services firm side of the business will help execute any new marketing programs that you wish to pursue.