About Hornet

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Hornet Marketing is a sales and marketing firm working with small to medium sized business in Australia. Like our clients we’re an SME and we understand the business issues that small to medium business owners face. Hornet Marketing truly understands areas such as lead generation, online marketing, cash flow, business development and so on. So we understand the significance of providing highly effective marketing and sales services to assist small business growth.

Hornet Search Engine Marketing, Hornet SEM is internet marketing on search engines using predominately Google and supporting vertical search engines. Google AdWordsâ„¢ or Google pay per click or Google sponsored links campaigns are core business service for our clients.

Hornet SEM using our Just Click it packages successfully create, manage and report on Search Marketing campaigns driving new website traffic and new sales for our clients. We provide Google AdWordsâ„¢ campaigns for clients in most industries from professional services, trades services and manufacturing to wholesaling, retailing and entertainment sectors.

Hornet Search Engine Optimisation, HORNET SEO is internet marketing on search engines using predominately Google to create natural or organic listings for your product and service keywords. Hornet SEO involves a vast range of website optimisation techniques that satisfy the criteria of Google.

What Clients Say About Us

You’ve provided our business with excellent service and a thorough understanding of our requirements. Our whole online marketing has been fantastic with great returns from our Search Marketing and our SEO has paid off with our Google Page 1 listings.BAB Aluminium